Notices and Updates:

Reduce your COVID-19 risk: wash hands, clean cellphones and workstations:

  • Good hand hygiene means washing hands with soap and water. And if soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes. Don’t forget your thumbs.

  • Keep your cell phone to yourself, and don’t let anyone use it. If possible, use a wet wipe to clean the phone regularly

  • Workstations are also areas to keep clean, especially if more than one person uses them. To clean, take a basic wipe and wipe the keys, the keyboard and the screen at the beginning of the day. If it's a community or shared desktop area, you'll want to do it each time that you're sitting down, at least through this part of the pandemic. For a phone, if it's a community-based phone, wipe off each of the headset pieces, and buttons.

  • For more information, please visit the COVID-19 CDC Website